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  in  the  1000 Islands 


                   THE PROPERTY HAS BEEN SOLD

   Settlement & Provenance

                 Located in Leeds County in the world famous 1000 Islands, the Jewel of Eastern Ontario. The 1000 Islands Region  known the world over  for more than a century as a world class international tourism  destination  welcomes visitors from around the globe each and every  year.

               The first formal  record of settlement of the property as  pristine wilderness is the recorded  Land Grant of 1798  under the reign of George the Third of Great Britain, France & Ireland   .  Following  the American War of Independence in 1776 many Crown Loyalists fled  to Upper and Lower Canada. They  were subsequently awarded the suffix U.E.L ( United Empire Loyalists ),  whereby according to their station they were awarded lands of various size and location.

                    Such was the case with this 1000 Islands property.  Due to Joseph Hay's  notable position as The Lieutenant Governor of Detroit  this land grant of some 700 acres at the time was awarded to his  family in 1798.The property was a premium land grant  fronting as it did on the mighty St Lawrence River. Waterways afforded the only practical  means of transportation at the time providing access to markets and  supplies  for early settlers .   

                     Over the course of the years  various extended family members held title to the property.  In time land was cleared, portions were lost to tax arrears, portions sold  and others leased to tenant farmers.  In the first census map  of 1860  a small dwelling was noted on the property close to the road frontage .... and on the beams of the century old  barn still standing on the property is the name of the land tenant of the time Noah Peck who is buried in  the cemetery just  to the east of the farm .

                      Finally in  1858 the last of the Hay family connection ,  Sir Charles Stuart, Baronet, son of Sir James Stuart, Baronet, Chief Justice of Lower Canada , fell heir to the residual lands and retained ownership of them until April 1880 when unmarried and living in London , England, he divested his interest in them to George M. Mac Donnell Attorney at Law in Kingston for $2,000 pounds. The  Title was extinguished in 1915 on the death of the last son of Sir James Stuart.

                    Operated since the early 1800's as an agricultural enterprise the farm provided sustenance for the families of early  pioneers and settlers.  Subsequently it  provided a substantial level of prosperity  for late 19th century  farmers as evidenced by the construction of this period residence.  Circa 1898, the  classic Victorian "L" shaped Villa  favoured by prosperous land owners in rural agricultural Ontario in the late 1800's stands today a testament to the quality of  this unique century home.     

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